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    Prima offers 6 levels of classical ballet training
  • Dress Requirements for Ballet 2-6 and Pointe:

    Black leotard, ballet pink or white tights, pink ballet shoes and pink pointe shoes for level 4P and up. (Black sheer skirts allowed after barre is completed, skirts must be above the knee). 

    Note: Ballet pink tights (which are light flesh-colored pink) will be required for ballet classes to wear in the recital.

    Hair Requirements for All Ballet Classes:

    Please wear hair in a bun for ballet if hair length allows. Hair must be pulled up off face and neck. Please note the importance of this standard. Hair worn down or in a ponytail is too distracting for the athletic discipline of classical ballet and cannot be allowed.

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  • Ballet - Levels 2-6

    Prima offers 6 levels of classical ballet training allowing the students to grow in strength, flexibility, musicality, proper alignment, coordination, poise, ability to focus, individual artistry, and performance ability.  Ballet offers a wonderful foundation for a complete dance education and students who take it typically shine in balance, proper usage and extension of arms and legs, facial awareness, proper turning technique, bodily control and ability to hear and feel music.  Students will be exposed to the Vagonova (Russian), R.A.D. (English), Cecchetti (Italian) and some contemporary styles while building their French vocabulary.  On average, dancers stay in each level 2 –3 years with consecutive years of study.  Placement is by Director and teacher recommendation. 

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  • Pointe

    Pointe is a beautiful and challenging part of ballet; special precautions and requirements are necessary in order to achieve optimal technique and to prevent injuries.  In order to achieve success and avoid injury, our pointe students should be taking ballet at least 3 times per week as well as a separate pointe technique class.  There are several important steps a student must take before they dance on pointe such as they must be at least 12 years of age with four consecutive years of ballet training, invited by the Director to proceed to make a doctor’s appointment, and much more.  For more information on pointe, please pick up a pointe handout and ask the office staff about the next step.

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