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    What is the Training Group?
    The Training Group is Prima School of Dancing’s premiere performance group.  It is dedicated to enriching its members dance experience through a variety of performance opportunities in the local community.  These performances also help to educate and inspire individuals in the surrounding community by creating more exposure for the art of dance. The group is available for booking at local events.

    Why do students love participating in the Training Group?  
    The Training Group gives students the opportunity to learn a wide variety of choreography and perform in a wide range of settings.  It helps the students grow in their performance ability and in their ability to learn choreography quickly as students are continually working on new dances while still retaining the previous pieces.  The Training Group performances help students learn to adapt to any type of setting and afford a great deal of personal feedback from choreographers and teachers. 

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  • What types of events does the training group perform at?
    The Training Group has performed at fundraisers, banquets, galas, educational seminars and much more.  The Training Group has also performed at fashion shows, weddings, and assisted living/nursing homes.  Performing at such a wide variety of venues is rewarding and enriching for the Training Group members as it allows the students to share the gift of dance that they have spent many hours throughout the year improving.

    Who can join/ audition/ be a part of the Training Group?
    The Training Group is open to all students level 3 and up who receive their dance training from Prima School of Dancing. There are three levels of the Training Group:

    1. Junior Training Group – The minimum requirements for the Junior Training Group are: student needs to be enrolled in at least 2 ballet classes per week as well as 2 of the following classes: tap, jazz, modern or lyrical. 
    2. Teen Training Group – The minimum requirement for the teen Training Group is enrollment in at least 3 ballet classes and at least 3 of the following: tap, jazz, modern, lyrical, or contemporary.
    3. Senior Training Group- The minimum requirement for Training Group 5/6 is enrollment in at least 3 ballet classes and at least 3 of the following: tap, jazz, modern, lyrical or contemporary.

      *Students in all 3 levels of Training Group are encouraged to take as many dance classes as possible to improve their technique and performance ability

    When are the Training Group auditions/intensives?
    Auditions for the training group are held during the month of August. Check the summer schedule for specific times and dates. If you are unable to make it to the August workshop for any reason please call 605-348-8125.

    Does coming to the Training Group summer intensive in August automatically require you to be a part of the Training Group year round?
    Attending the Training Group Intensive is a great way to see what Training Group is all about.  Students will get to experience some of the fun choreography that will be performed throughout the year and find out more specific information about future performance opportunities.   Attending the summer intensive in no way requires a student to be a part of the Training Group; it simply gives students a wonderful taste of what being a part of the Training Group will be like.

    Call Prima School of Dancing at 605-348-8125 and let us know you are interested in the Training Group.  We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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