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At Prima we have four large dance rooms/studios, which means we can offer more dance styles, classes and times to better meet your needs and interests.

Prima's Dance Floors

The best way to prevent injury is by choosing a studio with a professional “sprung floor” like the one you’ll find at Prima. Our floor rests on a system of elevated high-density foam and wood to create the effect of a floating floor, which absorbs the primary shock of jumping, reducing the risk of injury and allowing students to dance longer without getting tired.

The top layer of the dance floor is equally important. The best surfaces for dance companies are wood and marley. Dancers will benefit from experience on both surfaces. Some prefer wood for the crisp and clean tap sounds it produces or the ability to control the slipperiness by the amount of rosin used.  Other dancers enjoy marley more because it is smooth without being too sticky or too slippery.

At Prima, we offer classes on both wood and marley floor surfaces, all in the convenience of the same building - the only school in Rapid City to provide this choice. Sprung floors and surface type may seem inconsequential, but we are committed to protecting our students from the physical rigors of dancing.

studio of dancers with teacher