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Jazz 3 - 6

Jazz is a dance form enhanced by the freedom to use movement with a variety of music styles.  Like all dance forms, Jazz comes from Ballet as it requires having a strong center and excellent balance.  Jazz includes strengthening and stretching in order to achieve better balance, tone and technique. The Jazz classes include a variety of turns, leaps, jumps and Jazz-based combinations. The Jazz levels coincide with the levels of Ballet and have similar requirements for placement.

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  • Level 3 - Ages 8 - 11
  • Level 4 or A.I. - Ages 10 - 14
  • Level 5, 6 - Ages 14 - 18

Dress Code

  • Solid color leotard
  • Solid color leggings
  • Black Jazz shoes

Prima teachers prefer leotards without large mesh cutouts in midriff and/or down the front center
Students must have hair up in a slicked back Ballet bun (or off of face and neck for those with shorter hair)


For information on weekly times for Jazz 3 - 6, check the Fall-Spring Dance Schedule.

Fall-Spring Dance Schedule