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From its modest beginnings in 1964, Prima School of Dancing has grown into the largest dance school in Rapid City. We are constantly evaluating and improving our facilities and training our staff to ensure students and parents receive the best experience possible.

Teaching Dance and Transforming Lives

Our Mission Our Mission

Our Mission

Prima exists to provide an exceptional dance experience where every child is valued.

Our Vision Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the studio of choice for parents in our area.

Our Core Values Our Core Values

Our Core Values

We deliver on our promises by encouraging excellence and creating opportunities that transform lives.

Meet Our Educators

Prima is blessed with an amazing staff that includes award winning dancers, dance scholarship recipients, dance company members, numerous professional dance experiences, as well as multiple dance degrees and certifications. Combined, Prima’s staff has over 175 years of dance teaching experience!

Meet Our Educators

Our Services

At Prima, we do more than teach students to dance. We believe we have a responsibility to be positive role models in our dancers’ lives. We also cherish each student, enjoying the experience of making each person more than “just another student.” This mindset is a prerequisite for the teaching staff that we hire: all instructors at Prima are highly qualified and are willing to embrace the responsibility of being a role model for students.

Our Services

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Our Facility

To an audience, a skilled dancer’s jumps, leaps, and spins appear effortless; to the dancer, these actions feel difficult and can strain bones and joints. Such strain makes a quality dance surface a vital component to the dancer’s experience, especially since dance footwear does not provide any cushioning or support, and the shock of dance movement can place undue pressure on a dancer’s knees and back. At Prima we...

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